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It's Been Fun

Hello all.

Apologies for the sudden announcement. Let me get straight to the point: I am going to cancel this site,

For those of you still checking this site, you may have noticed that I have not updated here for quite a while. I have many commitments as-is, and I honestly do not have anymore time and enthusiasm to continue updating this site. What started out as an idea to inform others that Hi-Res Anime and Video Game albums do exist if you do not read Japanese become something that was burden for myself to handle alone.

All links will forward to my blog site,, and I will be transferring the guides to that site, as well as adding links and tips for the common music stores where to get digital and physical Hi-Res files. I will not transfer each album page, and will not be adding any more individual album pages on this site.

If you would need help in finding a certain album or song, I am still reachable at As I have stated earlier, I will keep the how-to guides on my blog site, as well as a list of sites I check for music.

Thank you again for your support.